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Tiina Mielonen

Landscapes, details of holiday destinations and eternal summer glowing with bright colours serve the imaginary for the paintings of Tiina Mielonen (b. 1974).

Tiina Mielonen has been interested in travel imaginary for more than a decade. She recycles images, which are conventional, presentations of beautiful cities and landscapes. Her paradise views are often empty of people. The atmosphere is strange: something is about to, or has already occurred. She usually selects an interesting detail, which may not be relevant in the original image, such as a piece of wall or a tunnel.

There are common points in Mielonen’s work with the tradition of landscape painting, which has had great influence in travel imaginary. Like many of her predecessors, Mielonen does not observe nature per se. The artist is set within a tradition, and so is the viewer.

The dazzling light in Mielonen’s work can be explained not only with the topic she chooses, but also with her working method: she paints with oil colours on plexiglass and makes the paintings at once. The outcome is sketchy and direct. She wants the outcome to look easy, although the final result would be the conversion of many earlier versions. Thus she gives room for the process of painting, its gestures and shades.

Tiina Mielonen graduated from of Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. Her works are represented in the AMC Collection in The Netherlands, and almost all major Finnish collections, such as the Helsinki Art Museum, Kiasma, EMMA, Saastamoinen collection, Tampere Art Museum. She lives and works in Helsinki.





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Featured artwork

Tiina Mielonen, Red Fieldoil on plexiglass, 60 cm x 60 cm, 2012

Tiina Mielonen, Yellow Walloil on plexiglass, 67 cm x 76 cm, 2011

Tiina Mielonen, Magnolia lloil on plexiglass, 40 cm x 30 cm, 2016

Tiina Mielonen, Lawnoil on plexiglass, 67 cm x 76 cm, 2016

Tiina Mielonen, Gardenoil on plexiglass, 76 cm x 67 cm, 2019

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