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The finnishpainters website is a platform for visual arts professionals to get acquainted with Finnish painting. We share information and work as an agent between art professionals and contemporary Finnish painters. We do not charge for the service or sell works of art directly. Instead, our mission is to spread the word about these painter marvels of ours and, by doing so, create dreams and collaboration possibilities.

The finnishpainters website is part of the Finnish Painters project, which, in addition to publishing and maintaining the website, develops support services for the painters and establishes contacts with Finnish and foreign actors in the field of visual arts.

We launched the website in October 2021 with 50 internationally-minded Finnish painters. In October 2022, we added 36 painter wonders to the site, and in March 2024, we curated and added another 21 marvellous painters. Altogether, we now represent 100 and some artists!


Finnish Painters project
The Finnish Painters project is provided by the non-profit organisation Finnish Painters’ Union, with the support of the Saastamoinen Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The painters presented on the finnishpainters website are curated members of the Finnish Painters’ Union.
Rose-Mari Torpo, Prism,2021. Photo: Marko Mäkinen.

Meet the team behind the Finnish Painters project


Producer Saija Koponen
Saija Koponen is responsible for designing and producing the Finnish Painters project. She works with other Finnish Painters’ Union staff members and various external consultants. Saija has a background in visual arts and a long work experience improving artists’ working conditions. Her passion is in the people-to-people interactions and the individual needs of artists and their clients. She has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a master’s in service design.

Finnish Painters’ Union

The Finnish Painters’ Union is a nationwide non-profit association of professional painters. The union works to improve visual artists’ professional and social interests and promote the visual arts. One of the goals of the Finnish Painters’ Union is to increase international recognition and demand for Finnish contemporary art and painting.
Kaija Hinkula, Stargazer, 2023.
Jussi Goman, A Walrus over a Waterfall ,2022. Photo: Juho Haavisto.

100 and some diverse painters with their magic, issues, and -isms



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