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Emma Luukkala, Small, Dear Things III
Sirkku Rosi, Small things in my head
Elina Försti, Gable
Heikki Marila, Flowers CXIII. Photo: Vesa Aaltonen.
Matilda Enegren, Storgatan
Jarmo Mäkilä, Gate of Secrets. Photo: Angel Gill.
Anna Retulainen, I’m asleep Oil on canvas
Eeva Peura, Nymphs (Carol Rama Lake)
Sami Havia, Kuivattelija
nabbteeri, ethnographies of a homespun spinelessness cult and other neighbourly relations
Jussi Niva, Dazzle Camo. Photo: Jussi Tiainen.
Elsa Salonen, Flower Painting, the Act of Immortalising
Joel Slotte, The possibility of an idyll
Hannaleena Heiska, Something There Is Charcoal on plywood. Image: Pirje Mykkänen/Kiasma

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