Tuomo Laakso

Tuomo Laakso

Tuomo Laakso paints a still life by observing the subject he has made of waste material. The times of year and day – the changes in the nature of light – give a rhythm to his work. He feels the plastic fruit and musty velvet, unpleasant materials that somehow evoke a feeling of beauty. Laakso weaves randomness and vague memories into scenes that embody a sense of not belonging, inequality, and fear but also compassion and hope. The distinction between fake and reality is unclear.

Tuomo Laakso graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lahti Art Institute in 2007 and a Master of Fine Arts from Helsinki University of Fine Arts in 2019. His works are included in collections such as the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, the Saastamoinen Foundation, and the Wihuri Foundation. In 2023, Laakso received a William Thuring designated prize. 





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Featured artwork

SecretTuomo Laakso, Secret, Oil on canvas, 150 cm x 115 cm ,2024. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

Still life (Two Peacocks)Tuomo Laakso, Still life (Two Peacocks), Oil on canvas, 81 cm x 85 cm ,2021. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

Silk PaperTuomo Laakso, Silk Paper, Oil on canvas, 60 cm x 75 cm ,2023. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

Still life (flight 1)Tuomo Laakso, Still life (flight 1), Oil on canvas, 27 cm x 25 cm ,2021. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

GarlicTuomo Laakso, Garlic, Oil on canvas, 150 cm x 115 cm ,2023. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

EmbraceTuomo Laakso, Embrace, Oil on canvas, 70 cm x 68 cm ,2023. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

Soul 4Tuomo Laakso, Soul 4, Oil on canvas, 72 cm x 90 cm ,2024. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

RGBTuomo Laakso, RGB, Oil on canvas, 50 cm x 55 cm ,2023. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

“Nightjar”, solo exhibition in TM-Gallery, Helsinki, 2022Tuomo Laakso, “Nightjar”, solo exhibition in TM-Gallery, Helsinki, 2022, Oil on canvases, 2022. Photo: Tuomo Laakso.

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