Elisa Elg

Toni Elg

Toni Elg (b.1986) first studied architecture at Aalto University but eventually focused his attention into painting. Since then he has studied in Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under professor Daniel Richter and in the Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki where he is currently finishing his master studies. He had his first solo show in 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany and has taken part in group shows in Helsinki and abroad. Toni Elg’s oil paintings are influenced by the legacy of western abstract painting and uses motifs from art history, literature and everyday life. Toni Elg’s paintings are held in the collection of Contemporary art museum Kiasma and in private collections in Germany, Austria and Finland.





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Featured artwork

Distant GardenToni Elg, Distant Garden, Oil and beeswax on linen, 200 cm x 150 cm ,2022. Photo: Toni Elg.

Gray SeaToni Elg, Gray Sea, Oil and beeswax on linen and plywood, 111 cm x 111 cm x 127 cm ,2022. Photo: Toni Elg.

The BridgeToni Elg, The Bridge, Oil and beeswax on linen, 35 cm x 40.5 cm ,2021. Photo: Toni Elg.

SkattaToni Elg, Skatta, Oil and beeswax on linen, 120 cm x 80 cm x 127 cm ,2021. Photo: Toni Elg.

InstallationToni Elg, Installation, Oil and beeswax on linen, 200 cm x 400 cm ,2022. Photo: Toni Elg.