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Mika Vesalahti

Throughout his artistic career, Mika Vesalahti has tried to express the drama of being human. The Fine Art Academy of Finland’s educated and widely exhibited artist has evolved recognizably idiosyncratic forms to illustrate even the painful schematic and conceptual contents. The artist invites his audiences to face controversial themes and questions. Vesalahti’s work of art is overlapped with the history of art and gets its driving force from it. The artist combines art historical ingredients with contemporary social criticism. He unifies different philosophical and literary models in a body of artwork. 

The artist deals with politically contradictory subjects: the struggle for power and violence, climate change – the crises of our time. Vesalahti has stylistically come a long way from presentational painting to his current “hybrid” style, which combines different ways of painting expression: expressionistic, mythological, and classical colour toning. In his latest series of paintings, Vesalahti explores the possibilities of composition and texture. Through raw expression, he researches the violent tensions of our time and the experience of threats. But simultaneously, he liberates painting as its own language, experimentation, and freedom. 

As an artist who lives and works in two countries, Finland and Estonia, internationality has become a natural factor in his activity as an artist. He has worked in residencies in Italy, Germany, and other European countries. Numerous private and group exhibitions abroad have meant adopting cultural influences from these places and cities. Mika Vesalahti also works by writing and publishing essays exploring the cultural roots of Europeanness, calling this study critical aesthetics





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Featured artwork

Hell´sGodsMachine IIIMika Vesalahti, Hell´sGodsMachine III, acrylic and oil, 270 cm x 360 cm x 5 cm ,2017. Photo: Mika Vesalahti.

Hell´sGodMachine IVMika Vesalahti, Hell´sGodMachine IV, acrylic and oil, 270 cm x 360 cm x 5 cm ,2018. Photo: Marleena Liikkanen.

Hell´sGodMachine VIMika Vesalahti, Hell´sGodMachine VI, mixed media on canvas, 270 cm x 360 cm x 5 cm ,2020. Photo: Marleena Liikkanen.

TRITON IIIMika Vesalahti, TRITON III, mixed media on canvas, 290 cm x 400 cm x 5 cm ,2023. Photo: Mika Vesalahti.

Asemia IVMika Vesalahti, Asemia IV, mixed media on canvas, 200 cm x 300 cm x 5 cm ,2024. Photo: Nina Pauloff.

from Helsinki Studio January 2024Mika Vesalahti, from Helsinki Studio January 2024, working, 2024. Photo: Nina Pauloff.

from the exhibition “Phosphenes”Mika Vesalahti, from the exhibition “Phosphenes”, paintings, 2017. Photo: Sirpa Taulu.

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