Kimi Pakarinen

Kimi Pakarinen

In Kimi Pakarinen´s work, the physicality of oil paint is in constant dialogue with the immaterial, visual-emotional effect of the colour. He works intuitively, and his paintings are influenced by various impulses from his personal life, fluctuating memories, the present, the surrounding reality, and the history of painting. When painting, associations come and go, flatten, change, and mix with with each other, giving his work direction. As the painting evolves – as it takes over – the ”motifs” fade into the background or are completely worn off. What remains is a note that he can recognise himself from.

Kimi Pakarinen lives and works in Helsinki. He studied painting at the Free Art School 1984-1987, after which he taught there for a total of 15 years in spans of varying lengths until 2019. Since the 1980s, he has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Currently, he collaborates with Gallery Halmetoja. Kimi Pakarinen´s work is represented in public and private collections such as the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation / Rovaniemi Art Museum, the Finnish State Art Deposit Collection, the Paulo Foundation and Kesko Oyj. His four-piece painting ”The Same Blood in Us All” is situated in the dining room of Mäntyniemi, the residence of the president of Finland.






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Featured artwork

Der schwarze reiterKimi Pakarinen, Der schwarze reiter, Oil on canvas, 105 cm x 115 cm ,2023. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

SordinoKimi Pakarinen, Sordino, Oil on canvas, 90 cm x 90 cm ,2023. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Kind of BlueKimi Pakarinen, Kind of Blue, Oil on canvas, 24,5 cm x 35 cm ,2024. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Compact ViewKimi Pakarinen, Compact View, Oil on canvas, 70 cm x 100 cm ,2023. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

SPRING AT THE DUNGHILL and other paintingsKimi Pakarinen, SPRING AT THE DUNGHILL and other paintings, Installation view, Gallery Kulma, Porvoo Art Hall, 2023. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Spring at the DunghillKimi Pakarinen, Spring at the Dunghill, Oil on canvas, 120 cm x 125 cm ,2022. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Lead BellyKimi Pakarinen, Lead Belly, Oil on canvas, 100 cm x 95 cm ,2021. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Hold UpKimi Pakarinen, Hold Up, Installation view, Gallery Halmetoja, Helsinki, 2022. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Incident in a Fictitious PlaceKimi Pakarinen, Incident in a Fictitious Place, Oil on canvas, 120 cm x 105 cm ,2021. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Heart CompensatedKimi Pakarinen, Heart Compensated, Oil on canvas, 105 cm x 115 cm ,2021. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

YellowKimi Pakarinen, Yellow, Oil on canvas, 120 cm x 125 cm ,2021. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

Studio viewKimi Pakarinen, Studio view, -, 2021. Photo: Kimi Pakarinen.

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