Ida Sofia Fleming

J.P Köykkä

In J.P Köykkä’s paintings, shades and forms form rhythmic melodies, bending into mechanical compositions that go between the abstract and the figurative. The installation of the paintings plays an essential role in the presentation. Sometimes the painting spreads out into the space, creating a mood and a spatial experience. Moving to the countryside and working there has brought hidden references from the history of Finnish art to Köykkä’s paintings. It is an interesting contrast to the work of an artist with a graffiti background who also references the tradition of still life painting. The artist’s works leave room for the viewer’s interpretation and adventure in their memories and mental landscapes.

J.P Köykkä (b. 1987 Seinäjoki) is a painter living and working in Kyrönlahti. He graduated from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Fine Art Programme in 2015. Köykkä has works in collections such as the Collection of the State Art Commission, National Gallery (FI), and Tampere Art Museum (FI).





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Featured artwork

Rhythm AvantgardeJ.P Köykkä, Rhythm Avantgarde, ink, airbrush, acrylic, oil, oilpastel, spray paint, collage, concrete, wood, 200 cm x 800 cm ,2022. Photo: J.P Köykkä.

BombaclatJ.P Köykkä, Bombaclat, ink, airbrush, acrylic, oil, oilpastel, spraypaint, 255 cm ,2022. Photo: J.P Köykkä.

KyrönlahtiJ.P Köykkä, Kyrönlahti, -, - cm ,2021. Photo: Ida Sofia Fleming.

Compos(i)t(ion)J.P Köykkä, Compos(i)t(ion), ink, airbrush, acrylic, bitumen, oil, oilpastel, collage, spraypaint, wood, concrete, iron, - cm ,2020. Photo: J.P Köykkä.

Studio 2020J.P Köykkä, Studio 2020, -, - cm ,2020. Photo: J.P Köykkä.

Land of the BottomJ.P Köykkä, Land of the Bottom, -, - cm ,2018. Photo: J.P Köykkä.

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