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Henri Hagman

In his painting practice, Henri Hagman concentrates on the dimensions of the abstract color painting. He is interested in the prolonged gaze and the polyphonic expression. Besides traditional painting, Hagman’s practice also includes painterly performances and events of social painting. Due to his artistic research, he has also done light installations and demonstrations, video paintings, and three-dimensional paintings. All this has helped him to understand the language of the color painting on a two-dimensional plane. 

Hagman also writes about art. He has written two books. The first one, The Purpose of Art, was published in 2011, and the second, To the Peak of the Color Painting – 18 Steps towards the Purer Sight, in 2023. Hagman lives in Rovaniemi, Lapland.





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Featured artwork

Silent lightHenri Hagman, Silent light, Oil and acrylics on canvas, 150 cm x 85 cm x 4 cm ,2020. Photo: Arto Liiti.

RosenkreutzHenri Hagman, Rosenkreutz, Social painting, Oil and acrylics on board, 400 cm x 400 cm x 1 cm ,2022. Photo: Aino Lehtonen.

Happy sisyfosHenri Hagman, Happy sisyfos, Oil, acrylics, alkyd and epoxy resin on canvas, 64 cm x 32 cm x 2 cm ,2021. Photo: Arto Liiti.

Grand PopoHenri Hagman, Grand Popo, Watercolor and acrylics on paper, 77 cm x 57 cm x 3 cm ,2021. Photo: Arto Liiti.

Theoretical LandscapeHenri Hagman, Theoretical Landscape, Oil, acrylics and tempera on board, 40 cm x 90 cm x 4 cm ,2021. Photo: Arto Liiti.

The Wanderer – the Fiance of the RumbleHenri Hagman, The Wanderer – the Fiance of the Rumble, Oil, acrylics, watercolor and epoxy resin on paper, 90 cm x 65 cm x 3 cm ,2021. Photo: Arto Liiti.

Sri YantraHenri Hagman, Sri Yantra, Oil, acrylics, alkyd and epoxy resin on board and wood, 95 cm x 105 cm x 4 cm ,2021. Photo: Arto Liiti.

Two lightsHenri Hagman, Two lights, Light installation, two halogen lamps, acrylics, board, wood, plexiglass, alkyd, 70 cm x 100 cm x 40 cm ,2021. Photo: Arto Liiti.

Maelmointi Jazz-pervormanssiHenri Hagman, Maelmointi Jazz-pervormanssi, 14 paintings performance, jazz band instruments and players, music, acrylic paint, canvas, - cm x - cm x duration 1 hour cm ,2022. Photo: Arto Liiti.

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