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Hemmo Siponen

Hemmo Siponen has narrowed the area of his artistic experimentation to watercolour painting. For producing a body of works, the cues for the process are found in the drilling debris of a chosen point of attraction. The starting points for these diggings often originate from a mix of observational curiosity and existential dread. While being influenced by ideas that emerge, the unforeseeability of the process is always respected, not governed by conceptual thinking, but happens through the physical act of painting.

Siponen graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki in 2019. His recent exhibition history includes solo shows in Helsinki gallery Sinne and Helsinki Art Museum’s HAM-gallery, and a group show in Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin. His works are in collections of Saastamoinen Foundation, Helsinki Art Museum, and Uniarts Helsinki.





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Featured artwork

Atmospheric InterferenceHemmo Siponen, Atmospheric Interference, Watercolour on canvas, 60 cm x 55 cm ,2022. Photo: Hemmo Siponen.

Safety NetHemmo Siponen, Safety Net, Watercolour on canvas, 128 cm x 185 cm ,2021. Photo: Lotta Pasila.

Drying RoomHemmo Siponen, Drying Room, Watercolour on canvas, 42 cm x 60 cm ,2021. Photo: Lotta Pasila.

Saved but Meant to LoadHemmo Siponen, Saved but Meant to Load, Installation view at Sinne, 2021. Photo: Lotta Pasila.

BackupHemmo Siponen, Backup, Watercolour on canvas, 115 cm x 69 cm ,2021. Photo: Lotta Pasila.

Conserve IIIHemmo Siponen, Conserve III, Watercolour on canvas, 34 cm x 23 cm ,2021. Photo: Lotta Pasila.

CausersHemmo Siponen, Causers, Installation view at HAM-gallery, 2020. Photo: Sonja Hyytiäinen.

PostponerHemmo Siponen, Postponer, Watercolour on canvas, 93 cm x 65 cm ,2020. Photo: Sonja Hyytiäinen.

Dead RingerHemmo Siponen, Dead Ringer, Watercolour on canvas, 62 cm x 36 cm ,2020. Photo: Sonja Hyytiäinen.

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